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Ease Tension

Find Peace

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What to Expect During a Rubenfeld Synergy Session

A usual session last approximately an hour. Clients can work seated or lying on a bodywork table. Mary always begins (or meets you) exactly where/as you are. For instance, there is no need to 'relax'. If you are 'tense',  Mary is more interested in what your body knows about 'tense'. 

With respect, Mary combines touch with talk to facilitate the process of tuning into sensation, movement, and emotions in the body. She strives to provide a presence that allows information to be met with reverence. She guides her clients to deepen the perception of his/her body, ultimately knowing and understanding more of one's self. Being met with such gentleness, listening, and support invites our nervous systems to respond in new ways. Clients often gain clarity on previously unanswered questions, feel deeply heard, and find increased options in their lives.

The body is the guardian of our truth. It keeps a clear and faultless record of all our experiences. It knows in its cells what we need to thrive.

Learning to listen to and understand the body's language is an act of compassion and waking up. Working together in a Rubenfeld Synergy session often feels like a deepening, filling oneself up from the inside and revealing your body's truths and wisdom.

rubenfeld Synergy opens you to compassion and curiosity for your self and your life. IT ALLOWS YOU TO UNDERSTAND AND RE-WRITE THE RULES YOU'VE BEEN LIVING WITH.

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