"First and foremost, the most reliable and truthful information that can be gathered about oneself exists in one's own body.  While outer authorities are helpful and worth consideration, we must ultimately look inside for the present truth."

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Awareness is defined as having realization, perception, or knowledge. My task as a Rubenfeld Synergist is to gently guide you through this process of self-awareness, allowing repressed or protected information to come forward and inform you. By combining talk with gentle touch, this method allows new ways of listening and moving into ourselves with compassion and curiosity.

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In our society, we often think of our bodies as machines, designed to carry us from place to place. As an RSM client, your whole self will be met with gentleness, support, and a tuning in that allows your body’s wisdom to meld with your consciousness. With respect for and full permission from each client, I combine touch with talk to facilitate the process of tuning into sensation, movement, and emotions in the body.

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