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Rubenfeld Synergy Workshop Series 2: What Do You Need?

Dates TBA — Coming November 2017!

Rubenfeld Synergy is a pioneering fusion of science and holistic health care.

Each 4-week workshop series focuses on a specific theme to help you:
•tap into the intelligence of your body
•develop a deeper and more compassionate connection with yourself
•elicit repair and true healing within the body and mind
•experience joyful celebration for your human experience

Each workshop will include:
•Rubenfeld Synergy principles practices
•Guided meditation
•Experiential exercises
•Group reflection and sharing

Series 2 / November 2017: WHAT DO YOU NEED?
In Series 2 you’ll deepen your understanding of the RS approach and learn to listen to your unique expression of needs, see your resistance patterns compassionately, and discover how knowing and meeting your needs can provide relief within your system and greater freedom in your life.

All are welcome. Those striving for self-understanding; anyone interested in a revolutionary approach to healing, increasing self-awareness and a new way of working with modern medicine is encouraged to attend. Yoga teachers, psychologists, body-mind therapists, care-takers and medical field workers will appreciate this work as a means for refueling themselves.

4 students/class.  Pregistration required.
Classes held at 600 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Suite 204, Wayzata, MN.